Role Of Electrical Subject For Mechanical Engineering Students.

An ideal engineer is one who is not confined within some limitation. An engineer should have the ability to do as many things in every engineering field.

Electrical engineering deals with designing, building and maintaining electronic equipments. Nowadays, every aspect of engineering is connected with electricity. Without electricity any engineering task is almost impossible. Concrete mixture, motors, theodolite and many other electrical equipments are used in civil portion. So civil engineer should have sound knowledge to use and maintain this. Similarly, computer engineers should have knowledge of electricity to perform task linked with electric circuit, and many more.

In an engineering projects, engineers from different branches work together to solve certain problems and design new founding. Therefore, engineers from different branches should have basic ideas of other field inorder to collaborate and help each other. Similarly, in some cases newly born companies can’t afford many engineers . So you must me capable to perform others work too.

Mechanical engineering is closely attached with electricity. Basically, mechanical engineer play with electricity. Motors, power plants, turbines, combustion engines, automobile engines, giant machines, and many other engines performs with electricity. In order to design, use and maintain this technologies Mechanical engineers should have sound knowledge of electricity.

Therefore, Mechanical engineers do have electrical subjects in their syllabus. Not only Mechanical but other some engineering students are also taught about electricity during their graduation time.

Being mechanical engineering student i am very happy with electrical subject in my syllabus. This is surely going to help me to acquire electrical knowledge. Being hydropower specialized mechanical student, electrical subject is going to play vital role in my career development.

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