Mechanical Engineering In Nepal

Mechanical Engineering In Nepal

Mechanical engineering is a popular field of study in Nepal, with limited universities offering programs. As a mechanical engineer, you would be trained in the design, construction, and maintenance of mechanical systems and equipment. This could include everything from small components like gears and bearings to larger systems like engines and machinery. In Nepal, mechanical … Read more

An unusual image of a human packaged as a piece of meat.

In Winden, the government was having very rough time. The birth rate was increasing oddly due to increased number of pregnant teens. Similarly, maternal and infant death rate was tolling high. A research found that the major cause of this problem was teen pregnancy. College girls were carrying babies inside their womb. This risked both … Read more

Problem-Solution Memo Sample

Memo Writing Sample

Date: September 1,2020To: Nep Stuff IT DepartmentFrom: Sandip PaudelSubject: Suggestions for improvising site Many of our audience is sending mail to us saying your website is bit complex and puzzling.I also personally think that our website takes more time to load. At the same time articles/posts aren’t categoried properly which makes our website more baffling. … Read more

Naruto: The Character Display

Naruto Uzumaki is a fictional character from Naruto, a Manga Series. He lives alone in a Village Hidden In The Leaves(Konoha). The story of this orphan kid is very interesting and loving that you shouldn’t miss. His father and mother died at the time he born and got abandon from parental love. Due to this … Read more

Does Social Media Seduce Us?

Yeah it is true that Social Media help us to stay connected with our families, friends and beloved ones. They help us to get informed about social ongoings and help in better learning. But social media is acting like a drug that we can’t get out from it for just a couples of hour. If … Read more