Nep Stuff: The New Perspective To Nepali Blogging Scene

Nep Stuff is a leading english magazine from Nepal. Started in 2018 by independent blogger Bimal Raj Paudel, Nep Stuff covers viral and trending stories from Nepal.

In an chat interview with blogger turned entrepreneur Bimal Raj Paudel I asked few questions with him.

How different is Nep Stuff from other websites in Nepal?

We are not like alien to differ completely, we are no much different from other magazines, blogs or news portal from Nepal.

But there is one difference, we are simple, we love simplicity. We try to be simple while sharing stories with our audiences. We cover the uncovered. We cover the small things and stuffs that bigger media houses don’t find necessary . We believe such simple things holds importance and our audience crave for such things.

What stories do you cover?

Nep Stuff covers stories from entertainment, movies, reviews, technology, gadgets, sports and so on. But we don’t cover stories from politics.

What’s your earning source?

I earn for bread and tea from my website. I have monetized my site with google’ adsense. Some times we get local advertisements too.

What’s the story behind the site Nep Stuff? Try to include everything behind the stage. How many of you are running the site?.

I came up with an idea to review Nepali movies in 2017 and randomly created a site over Google’s blogspot. Later I bought a hosting and moved my website to WordPress. I alone started writing reviews and other articles on entertainment and sports. Gradually we started showing up on google and I started earning some bucks from adsense.

Then I started being serious and managed and optimized the site for good appearance and SEO.

Now, some of my eager friends are helping me out in content generation when they have time. We are growing together you know.

What’s in the Future?

Haha! Who knows what future has in its store for us. But I’m eager to set up a office and work with a dedicated team to make it larger. I want to spread our hands on YouTube to create vines and other videos.

I wish Bimal Raj Paudel, his team and Nep Stuff a good wish for the future.

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