Numerical investigation of double jet phenomena in Turgo turbine


Hydropower is an important source of sustainable energy, and among various turbines, the Turgo turbine stands out due to its efficiency under medium-head conditions and its compact design. However, there is limited research on the double jet phenomena in Turgo turbines, particularly regarding the performance dynamics when two jets interact. This study aims to address this gap through a thorough numerical investigation using ANSYS CFX. The focus is on discharge patterns, jet angles, and turbine efficiency. By developing a detailed numerical model and comparing simulation results with experimental data from the Turbine Testing Lab (TTL) at Kathmandu University, the research seeks to improve understanding of flow processes in dual jet Turgo turbines. The findings indicate significant inefficiencies due to suboptimal nozzle setup and excessive bucket numbers. This suggests that adjusting the nozzle angle and optimizing the bucket design could substantially enhance turbine performance. The insights from this study pave the way for further research and development in optimizing Turgo turbine designs for improved efficiency.

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