An unusual image of a human packaged as a piece of meat.

In Winden, the government was having very rough time. The birth rate was increasing oddly due to increased number of pregnant teens. Similarly, maternal and infant death rate was tolling high.

A research found that the major cause of this problem was teen pregnancy. College girls were carrying babies inside their womb. This risked both mother’s and babies life in danger.

Report shows that it was the outcome of modern TV serials and programs that is very common among teenagers. College students were having relationship and practising unsafe love making. This caused panic all over the country.

So, Winden government released a law, if any couples below 20 years are found having sex intercourse, then they have to suffer severe penalty.

John, student of Rothford college of management, is a wild and fun loving guy. Almost every girls of Rothford college has a huge crush on him. Earlier, local police have caught him with girls in hotel for several times.

To reduce teen pregnancy, the government has decided to send an unusual image of a human packaged as a piece of meat in culprit house. The package is packed with human puppet and huge amount of bill as a fine.

Early morning today, John’s father answer the ring bell and yells “we got another one!”. It was the fourth packaged that was sent to John’s house this month. They had spent lots of euros from their saving to pay fines and were very furious at John.

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