Does Social Media Seduce Us?

Yeah it is true that Social Media help us to stay connected with our families, friends and beloved ones. They help us to get informed about social ongoings and help in better learning.

But social media is acting like a drug that we can’t get out from it for just a couples of hour. If we look around us everyone is hooked up on either Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or Reddit. Many of us have forgotten how sky looks at night and how rain showers. The harsh reality is that it’s been very long for us having dinner without mobile phone. From having dinner to pooing everyone is busy scrolling newsfeed.

Mostly it is hampering to children’s and teenagers. It is deadly to see how they live and die for likes and comments. Applications like Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok are affecting their education, concentration and learning power. This giant apps is creating impatient among teenagers that they can’t stay fives seconds without having fun or entertainment. For example, Tik tok mostly allows 15 seconds of video and for every scroll they want fun and exciting things. They can’t see a 10 seconds of inattentive video and scroll down. Then, how can we be so sure that they will study for couples of hour without being diluted.

Fake news spreads like wildfire than true and inspiring news. Many conspiracies, hoax, political agendas and terrorism activities are carried out and innocent people get fall in to that trap.

Both Physical and Mental health is affected by the use of social medias. Experts blame Giant companies of Silicon Valley Programme for human psychology.

Technology is not wrong for sure, we, the user should be more selective and use them wisely. However, i guess childrens and teenagers should be kept away from this social media sites.

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