Belbhariya People are Pounding In Tear After Village Suffered With Scarsity Of Water


Though water is the foremost basic requirement for the human survival on this planet, Belbhariya people are not getting enough safe water to drink. Recently we conducted a survey there and interview some of the residents and found that they were in big problem with public health due to consumption of contaminated water. Medias too are showing how they are compelled to drink muddy water from ditches every summer. Villagers walk miles to bring water from other village in other seasons.

So in order to solve water supply problem in Belbhariya, we the alumni of Kathmandu University has came up with a project. This project aims to sort out the long lasting problem of village. It is the very first project of our team and we are hopeful that we can help and contribute to the nation and society.

The Purpose Of The Project:

The purpose of this project is to make water tap available in every house of the village. We will be supplying pure water to villagers in cheap price compare to other companies.

A Brief Description Of Our Project:

  1. Material And Method
    Tinau River flows from the heart of village. Since Tinau River flows throughout the year, we will be utilizing this resource and set up water tank near the village. We will be setting number of chambers near the river and let water go through different purification chamber. Firstly we will be doing giant filtration so that all the pollutants from river can be separated. After that Sedimentation, Coagulation,Flocculation and Carbon Filteration will be carried out. Beside above points other new filteration process pro found by our team will be instigated too.
  1. Description Of Area
    We will set up the chambers about 500 meter away from river in plain land so that flood and other possible circumstances won’t hamper plant in near future. Similarly large tank will be construed to store water and it will be big enough to store water for a month to avoid any outcry. For that we will be using about 3 bigas of land for this project and will be seeking help from Government of Nepal.


There are around 800 houses in Belbhariya and estimately 3000 people live here. More likely 200 litres of water will be consumed daily by a single family. Therefore around 50 lakhs of water consumption is predicted per month.

Fund Raising Process:

While raising fund at first we will seek help from government for large amount. Beside that we are planning to sell shares so that investors can invest and get financially benefit. Initially top priorities will be given to villagers to buy share so that they will get financially secure in future. Plus we will be welcoming helping hands from different NGO, INGO, Public Figures and Civil Society.

Estimated Cost Untill Completion Of Project:

Our research team has estimated about 10 Crores of rupees for the completion of this project. Any ups and downs will be looked after as per the situation of going construction process. Funding will be entirely external.


Villagers will be benefited with safe and clean drinking water. People will not suffer from waterborne disease anymore and eventually mortality rate will fall sharply. Villagers lifestyle will change and may feel financially secure due to shares they are investing on this project. Collaboration of skilled and educate youth with village people will initiate new era in development work/project and will promote the principles of sustainable development for sure.


The project will start from the mid of 2021 and will end by 2023.

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