Introverts Are Not Weird Or Creepy Humans!

Nepalese society is quite unfamiliar with terms Introvert and extrovert. Parents expect their children to be more open and wish if their childrens could make more friends. Similarly, Society also look them with a weird and creepy eyes.

If you are an introvert and had attended family gatherings, then you probably have faced numbers of embarrassing questions and satires.

Introverts are not weird or nonsocial humans.

Also, many people misbelieve that introverts don’t have friends which is not true.

Introverts are just calm, silent and cold souls, a little different many people. They are more eccentric and individualist persona. Rather chilling with friends and partying they love being alone and exploring themselves.

If you ever saw or encounter with an introvert rather poking them, make them feel comfortable and behave accordingly.

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