Post Class Reflection | August 12

On August 12, we attended our ENGT-102 class via Google Meet which was circulated by our respecte sir, Eak Prasad Duwadi. The class started at 9:00 AM in the morning.

I was feeling very nervous because i need to give presentation on the topic ‘The Swan Song‘. I was afraid if my internet connection will broke out or my slide won’t go smoothly and who knows what might happen in the internet world. At the same time i was very excited too.

The Class started with the presentation from Asmita Chaulagain. She couldn’t carry on her presentation last week due to technical issues. So she presented this week in the topic Investigative report.

After that Rahul Mahato and Anish Poudel gave their presentation on Armand Denis, The Four-Tusked Elephant. Subsequently Asish Chhantyal gave his presentation on the topic Recommendation report.

Eventually me and my friend Saugat Poudel jointly presented about Anton Chekhov’s The Swan Song. After that we had a small talk about our presentation with our professor and finally the class was over.

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