Post Class Reflection | August 6

On 6th August 2020, we had our ENGT-102 class via Google Meet like in previous classes. The class started at 10:00 AM and most of us join the classroom by 10:15 AM.

The class started formally with the presentation of Rajeev Basent on the topic Incident Report. Subsequently Pratik Gautam and Nikunja Ghimire presented on the topic Travel Report. Sir praised Nikunja for making slide simple and for using local examples to make presentation more healthy. Then Prajwal Ramdan Bishwokarma, Manoj BK and Nawaraj Budhathoki jointly presented on the topic Lab Reports. After that Sabin Khadka and Abhishek Khatiwada concluded the presentation session by acquainting Scientific Inquiry: Invention and Test.

We were about to end the class but sir showed us an example of Memo writing. We discussed about Memo writing for a while and ended our class at about 11 AM in the morning.

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