Post Class Reflection | July 23

It was the second day of our virtual ENGT class via internet. Earlier the day our dearest sir, Eak Prasad Duwadi circulated Google Meet link through Google Class Room. It was just the second day of our online class but we were feeling quiet comfortable with Meet and Google Class Room.

The class was supposed to start from 9:00 AM in the morning but it took 15 minutes more time to get officially start. Sir started the classroom organizing quiz via Quizizz and it was so fun to play with entire classroom. After playing quiz, some of my friends started giving presentation. They were giving presentation about Technical Paper and Conference Paper. About 7-8 of my friends from two groups gave the presentation. However, few of them couldn’t present it well due to some technical and internet problem. Now they will be presenting other days in collaboration with another group or individually as per their comfort.

I had never heard about technical paper and conference paper before that. So, i was just so excited and overwhelmed to attend presentation. And It was great learning about technical and conference paper through virtual presentation in meet along with friends. At last sir summarised everything about technical and conference paper and class ended at 11:00 am after some interactive session.

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