Quizzes are the childish ways to check your learner’s knowledge.

Quiz is a game(or a test) played or taken to acknowledge someone’s knowledge.
It is played individually or in a team to compete with others. You don’t need to answer in bulk for the quizzes. It can be answered in a single word or phrase.


Quizzes are the childish ways to check your learner’s knowledge.


Quizzes are normally informal way to check someone’s knowledge in a particular field. They are not even practised in school, college and university to test students academic knowledge. Whereas, written form of test is mostly preferred.


Quizzes are often played as a game for fun. It can never showcase the learner’s true knowledge and ability.


However, Quizzes can support written form of exam. So, It can be taken along with written form of test to enhance better learning.


If quizzes was the wise method to acknowledge learner’s knowledge and ability then it might have practised from earlier. Since it’s not preferred by any school, college and university to examine students learning, it can be considered as the childish way to check learner’s knowledge.


Yet quizzes are used as a alternative form of written test in many colleges and universities. Nowadays quizzes (as MCQ) is been practised to enroll students in colleges and universities in Nepal too. It is also widely used to examine someone’s knowledge in online classes and interviews virtually.

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