Diamante Poem | Example

Alone Peaceful
Loving Isolating Observing Reading
Reserve Cold Open Warm
Annoying Talking Outgoing
Social Lively

The Diamante Poem consist of seven lines and is inlined in a Diamond shape.

Order Of A Diamante Poem

How to Write a Diamante Poem?

Line 1: Noun

Beginning of the poem.

Line 2: Two Adjectives

Write down two Adjectives that describe line one.

Line 3: Three -Ing Words

Three Verbs that describe noun.

Line 4: Four Nouns

First two words should describe Line one and other two should support seventh line

Line 5: Three -ing Words

Three Verbs that explain line seven.

Line 6: Two Adjectives

Adjectives should describe line seven.

Line 7: Noun

Antonym of line one.

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